We are here to offer you relief from your physical pains, mental exhaustion, and emotional drainage that you might feel more often than you expect.

With the empowering tools I offer, you no longer need to feel triggered by others, situations or even by your own past.

You can empower yourself to release these triggers and move forward in life experiencing a more balanced lifestyle. Allowing you to give your best to your work and at the same time having that quality family and vacation time you always imagined.

If you truly want to feel relaxed and restored, you are in the right place.

It is my honor and privilege to guide you through your journey of re-connection, re-creation, and re-emergence into feeling embodied, settled and relaxed.

CPO and founder: Namita Buerkle

Deep down in my heart, ever since I was a young adult, I always dreamed about doing humanitarian work. My journey in life led me to various volunteer work but over the past 10 years I was distracted by getting involved in the corporate environment.

I am gratefully back to following my heart and am entirely dedicated to serving others.

My passion in life is to help others

As the Chief Purpose Officer and founder of RE-EMERGE, I aim to empower you, to re-emerge and live a balanced life where you can socially engage authentically with others.

Our vision and mission

Is to help you re-connect with your own body, to feel safe which allows you to then re-create authentic and meaningful relationships with others. Through this process we envision you re-emerging feeling balanced, relaxed, restored, and embodied.

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