Science tells us that we are wired physiologically to be socially engaged. I do believe that we do need others physically, mentally, and emotionally to live a balanced life.

I am sure you can recall that hug from a friend you hadn’t seen in a while, and how it made you feel. How about that time you were engaged in a mentally stimulating conversation or when your family surprised you with a birthday gift you never expected? These are examples of being socially engaged, it creates a feeling of fulfillment and joy.

Large number of research studies are now showing that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is more effective at maximizing lean muscle mass and fat loss compared to the steady state cardio activities for cardiovascular health. Steady state cardio activities in actual fact activates our body's survival responses of fight/flight or freeze and in essence makes your body store more fat.

From my past experiences with injuries, having been exposed to the nastiness that resides in all of us and having encountered my own worst self, I am now more than ever determined to bring the best out of all of those I encounter.

Vision of re-Emerge

Is to empower you to release your stress, tension and past traumas trapped in deep muscle contractions. This allows your nervous system to function in a more regulated manner. Freeing you from triggers that set you into a fight/flight or freeze response.

It is also to enhance your body using the lasted forms of exercise training. Shortening the amount of time, you spend exercising by maximizing your metabolic functioning.

I envision a world where we are not held back from our past or fear our future. We embrace all changes and challenges because we are supported by our fully regulated nervous system, and our relaxed and restored body.

I envision us all re-emerging embodied, ready to engage socially. Supporting each other and uplifting each other. Co-creating a world filled with love and support.

Mission of re-emerge

To introduce you to the tool and trainings that can assist you live a more balanced life.

To guide you through the process of re-connecting you with your body’s own spontaneous movement pattern, to release stress, tension, and trauma.

To empower you to use TRE® as a self-help tool to support you in living your fully embodied and balanced life.

Ultimately allowing you to:

  • Re-connect with your own body
  • Re-create authentic and meaningful relationships with others
  • Re-emerge feeling relaxed, restored, and embodied.
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