Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®) Provider

Sport Scientist

Hello, my fellow beautiful being, I am Namita Buerkle 🥰

It warms my heart to welcome you here, I am honored to share my experiences with you and introduce you to the services I offer that are designed to help you.

Being of service to you is my honor and privilege.

To understand my passion for helping other, I share some of my life experiences with you.

When I was nine-years old, it was the year the South African cricket team returned to the international playing field. I remember clearly that first season, the Indian cricket team visited. I was hooked from the first game I watched, and this sparked my passion for sports. I became so obsessed with cricket; my room had posters of all my favorite players. I was a die-hard South African cricket fan. I was an avid sports person myself. I loved and participated in Netball, Hockey and Athletics every year while in school.

I insisted I study something that had to do with sport. As I look back to this decision in my life, I am so filled with gratitude for having listened to my heart. It was also while studying that I fell in love with long distance running.

To shorten the story, when I was doing my undergraduate degree, I wanted to get involved in the sporting environment already. My dear lecturer, whom I honor and adore to this this day, referred me on to a colleague who did volunteer work. This is what unlocked my deepest desire, serving others. For me, the need and want to help other lite a fire within me.

However, along the way I found myself in a corporate job which initially was supposed to have been a temporary situation. 10 years later, I found myself still there and at this point I was frustrated and highly reactive.

In the last two to three years in corporate, I faced many challenges, as so many of us do. I feared for my job safety and security every day. Most colleagues and clients that I worked with daily were trying to be better than the next person and instead of working together would do their best to destroy, belittle and break others. I became so filled with hatred and anger, beginning to hate other human beings. I also didn’t want to be around others on my weekends, so my husband and I would most of the time end up staying at home. I also began getting more serious physical injuries from my training which led to further frustration about my physical condition and body.


This is when the humanitarian in me was suffering deeply and alarm bells were going off within me. I felt ill most days and was in constant pain.

This time through experiences of pain and suffering, I again reunited with my heart’s passion. I re-emerged from this 10-year nightmare and found my way back to serving others. I now use my initial qualification and my latest valuable certification to help you.

This valuable time has given me the opportunity to investigate better training activities to limit injuries and enhance the functioning of our miraculous organism, our bodies. It has led to a change in my exercise training offering and to a change within my own body, which I am profoundly grateful for.

Through my TRE® certification, I was able to understand what I was going through in my job. I was also able to feel the freedom of having my stress, tension, and trauma release from my body. My nervous system is more regulated, I am more energized through my new workouts, and I can cope much better.

I left my reactive behavior where it belongs, in the past. I now embrace an embodied and balanced lifestyle, able to cope with my daily stressors much more responsibly. Over 2020 and 2021, we all face some of our toughest challenges. TRE® is allowing me to get through these challenges in a more responsive manner.

So I ask you this?

Would you like to re-emerge balanced, relaxed, restored and embodied again?

Would you like to enhance your body and achieve your fitness goals?

If you are ready to leave your stressed self behind and journey through to your embodied self.

Then the good news is, that you are in the right place.


Much love 💖

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