Love will bring peace

Love is the key to a more civilized and prosperous world

I not only believe this statement, but truly have seen love in practice, especially over the last few days. Love has allowed me to spread kindness to someone who probably hasn’t felt kindness in a while. It also allowed me to make someone else aware of their threatening behavior.

My vision for a loving society

These past few months I have spent much of my time setting up my business. My aim is to truly help others. This is driven by my passion to make a difference to better this world.

The only way I can absolutely achieve this vision of mine, is to learn to love myself, so I can learn to love others again. My own TRE® process is allowing me to re-connect with myself, re-create authentic relationships with others and re-emerge feeling love and loved.

I too spend most of my time in communities that are focused on spreading love and joy in the world.

Hurt people, hurt people

I recently had to interact with a particular international company regarding a delivery I had ordered from another country.

On three occasions the individuals I had contact with telephonically, all had an overly aggressive tone with me. I am sure I was not the only customer to have experienced this harness from them.

Sharing kindness

My first call, I was told I have called the wrong number. Another number was spewed out to me. Luckily, I was at my desk and was able to quickly write the number down. I then politely asked what department that number was for, and boy did I get unbelievably horrific attitude.

Trying to be more tolerant and thanks to my own TRE® process, my nervous system is not as reactive as it was when I was working in corporate, I was able to just shower this person with kindness.

I genuinely thanked them for assisting me, as what I was provided was going to be helpful to me. This left the person in a bit of a shock; they did not even know how to react. I suspect they were awaiting abuse right back.

I kindly wished them well in their day ahead. I hope I at least made that individual feel more appreciated. Even if I didn’t, I know in my heart I did the right thing.

Bringing awareness to others

Earlier this morning, I received a call from the company. As soon as I answered, I was again met with an aggressive tone. This time my tolerance levels were not as high as the previous occasion.

I look back and realize, I had not done my own TRE® session in over a week.

Instead of letting their tone slide, I politely asked the person if I had offended them or done anything to irritate them. I explained her tone seemed extremely aggressive towards me. I also advised that in a world with so many challenges, there was no need for us to be mean to each other but rather to discuss the issue as civilly as possible.

I don’t think I had much of a positive effect on this individual. If I had been more settled within my own nervous system, I would have possibly just showered this person with love and kindness instead of confronting her.

Hurt people, hurt people

Can we all do better?

I sure can do better. I am going to do better each day in spreading the love.

We all at points in our lives don’t realize the harm we cause others. I am sure I have hurt others unintentionally and intentionally when trying desperately to meet deadlines, when I was in corporate. Even when I was going through some of my toughest challenges, I am certain I was not nice to others.

I am grateful that I have invested in my own personal development, so I can continuously become more aware of my own actions. How my actions impact others and make better decisions to be better to myself, others, nature, and this beautiful planet.

Theories supporting LOVE

The reason I explained these situations was twofold, to spread the message that love is all conquering and that TRE® aids in this increase in compassion within ourselves.

This is supported by the work of Dr. Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal Theory and Dr. Sue Carter’s Love as embodied medicine.

We can theoretically see the impact the TRE® process has on healing our broken society.

Polyvagal Theory

Dr. Stephen Porges proposes that how we treat others is due to what he refers to as neuroception. This is our nervous system’s tool of detecting whether a situation or other people are safe, dangerous, or life-threatening.

This mechanism of detection, neuroception, takes place within the more primitive parts of our brain, the brainstem. This response to safety, danger, or a life-threat, is automatic – without our conscious awareness. You can refer to my previous article where I discussed the fear cycle.

In our modern stress cycle, we tend to live in a survival mode of fight/flight or freeze.

With engaging in the TRE® process, you will be able to move out of this survival mode and move into the relaxed and socially engaged state.

It is here that we are able to treat others with more respect, as our neuroception will not be detecting them to be a danger or a threat.

The embodiment of love

Dr. Sue Carter proposes that the release of oxytocin allow us to overcome fear of others and use our social relationships to cope with stress. It also prevents diseases.

When we move into the socially engaged state, oxytocin is more available, and we can then re-create those meaningful relationships with others.

Love truly is where we can build a better future together. If you don’t believe me, the scientific theories are there to support my beliefs 😊

Being socially engaged with others in a safe way is LOVE. Why keep staying in your survival mode?

Take the opportunity to release your trapped tension, trauma, and stress to RE-EMERGE feeling love for yourself and more compassion towards others.

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